Skills & Employability

Webinar "How to Copywrite like a Pro"


29/05/2020 - 24/06/2020


Our goal was to develop skills in some fields of the world of ESN that can be useful in our everyday life and in our job, too. 

ESN Urbino


Education & Youth

Students with electronic devices

Personal Data Detox - Workshop


Microsoft Teams

The main goal of this activity was for the participants to become more aware of where their data is stored and who is using it, as well as of other implications associated with the digital domain. 

ESN UniBucharest


Skills & Employability

Students with electronic devices

Creativity Lab

25/05/2020 - 03/06/2020


Provide, through tips and tricks, the basic concepts on the use of social networks in the workplace and the essential principles of visual communication.

ESN Brescia

Skills & Employability

Members of ESN Rijeka catched in a movement while playing interactive games.

Local Platform of ESN Rijeka


Rijeka, HR

Reach out to old and new members after recruitment, prepare human resources for the new semester, show them the capabilities of our network, brainstorm future events that follow our causes

ESN Rijeka

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Meet the International SI Coordinator


Büyükçekmece, TR

Our main goals in this activity to understand what is social inclusion?, how is social inclusion taking act in ESN and Erasmus+?, what is ESN doing with these?. We tried to inform our new ESNers and students about those goals. 

ESN Arel

Skills & Employability

Students raising hands during a workshop

Career Development Trainings


Kaunas, LT

To make the students know about ways how to improve their Curriculum Vitae ignorer to appeal to the companies and also, to ace their job interviews without difficulty.


Social Inclusion

having fun by watching film

Movie Night


Karaköy, TR

The main goal is to learn the Hawking's life and what he have been going through throughout his experiments and at the same time he try to survive from a severe health problem. To understand his emotions and thought, we try to make empathy.

ESN Bahcesehir

Education & Youth




Edirne, TR

The goal of the activity was to develope our ESNers' bargaining and debating skills which they will need in their career and daily life.