Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Speak & Spritz


Brescia, IT

Monthly language aperitif, an opportunity for each month to get together and socialize. The main goal was to spend time between people from different cultures, introduce Erasmus students to the locals and allow them to practice different languages, meet new people and get to know interesting details of different cultures.In 2020, however, it was only possible to carry out the activity for the month of January (22nd January) and February (12th February).

ESN Brescia


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Erasmus in Bucharest - Language Cafe


Bucharest, RO

The main goal of this activity was to create a multicultural environment for the incoming Erasmus students to socialise and learn the native languages of their Erasmus fellows. 

ESN UniBucharest

Environmental Sustainability

Image of a compostable cup

Nature Walk


Pisa, IT

Raising awareness about active citizenship, the environmental issues and sustainable mobility throughout Pisa; meeting volunteers from Legambiente and getting to know their mission and actions; discovering new green areas.

ESN Pisa

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

Sport Day ESN Maleventum


Benevento, IT

The goal of the activity was to spend a different day with our erasmus students playing one of the most popular sport: soccer.

ESN Maleventum