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Cultural Quiz Night


Zoom e myQuiz.org

The Quiz brought together different topics on Italian and European Culture: partecipants were tested on art, sport, general culture, geography, science, history, and cousine. People were able to have fun while testing their knowledge and competing with others. The idea was to share cultural information in an entertaining way and have everyone reflect on our cultural heritage as europeans. The quizzes were also meant to contribute to the project: ''Discovery Italy''. Indeed, they were a way for us to display and share Italian culture with the partecipants. In particular, the last quiz, that on cousine, focused on Italian dishes and foods. Questions on Italian cousine were also shared the days before on Istagram: people were able to answer the Instagram polls and get a preview of the Quiz Night. 

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Social QUIZ w/ESN Udine



The Quiz was organised in order to give the partecipants the chance to test their knowledge on the past and present of racism. We created two different quizzes: one on the history of colonialism in Africa, to get to the roots of present time racism, another one on events, movies, and facts on racial discrimination today in Italy and in the world. The goal was to have fun, while also further develop our knowledge and awareness on the subject.

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Skills & Employability

Students with electronic devices

Google Suite e gli strumenti di produttività in Sezione


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L'obbiettivo del Webinar è formare i soci volontari su delle applicazioni fondamentali nel gioco di squadra di una Sezione e riuscire a dare loro una base di conoscenze sugli strumenti stessi tale da poter fruire agevolmente degli stessi. The Webinar was intended as a skill boost for the volunteers on the fundamental applications developed by Google, with the aim of improving their Teamworking ability by learning and using these must-know tools.

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