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Environmental Sustainability

The colour of our campaign.

A forest of actions

18/05/2020 - 31/05/2020


We wanted to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our Earth. Post:

ESN Bergamo

Health & Well-being

Young people celebrating after a match

Volleyball Tournament by ESN Bergamo


Bergamo, IT

Organized during the Welcome Days for the second semester, the activity aimed at welcoming the foreign students by playing together a volleyball tournament.  By teaming and competing, this tournament was the perfect chance to make a first and significant contact between Esners and foreign students, starting to build a friendly connection that often lasts all the semester.  Considered that it promotes sports and physical activity, this event can be connected to the Health & Well-Being aim.

ESN Bergamo

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Dinner in the Dark


Bergamo, IT

Understanding how blind people feel in normal life, listening deeply your self and the others.

ESN Bergamo


Meet Your Eras-Mate

Meet Your Eras-Mate


Bergamo, IT

The aim of the event was to get settle in the Erasmus students at the beginning of the semester among them, with us of ESN Bergamo and of course in their new city.

ESN Bergamo