International students get valuable skills from their experience abroad. ESN works to increase the recognition of the skills acquired through student exchange and volunteering among employers.


Environmental Sustainability

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Sustainability Music Bingo

26/02/2021 Upcoming

facebook and zoom

The idea is to share these tips on our social media (anonymously) so we can learn from each other and incorporate new sustainable habits in our daily life.

ESN Leiden


Education & Youth



26/02/2021 Upcoming

Zoom Meeting

Partner with two other societies within our Students Union, in the hope to reach a larger student group, spreading the word about our section, providing fun and entertaining events and form long-lasting collaborations.

ESN Coventry



Buddy Bonding

26/02/2021 Upcoming

Bucharest, RO

Moving to a new place will always require some adapting and setting up. Thankfully, our awesome Buddy program aims to make this as easy as it can get! 🤗

ESN ASE Bucharest


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Food Collection ``Meet Your Buddy´´

19/02/2021 - 20/02/2021

Sevilla, ES

The aim of the activity was to collaborate with an association in Seville dedicated to helping families in need. The activity consisted of a food collection in a supermarket in Seville. Coordinators from ESN Seville and UPO and Erasmus students from both universities participated and were able to help and do their bit for the Sevillian society. With all this, we are making ourselves known within the social entities of Seville, while demonstrating to the Spanish citizens how international students contribute a lot to society and not only come to study or to party, they want to live the whole experience. Also, taking advantage of the arrival of the Erasmus students, shifts were organised where they could meet their buddies and start to strengthen links with ESN.

ESN Sevilla and 1 other organisation


Education & Youth

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Recruitment Day


Google Meet

The goal of the activity is to recruit new students to take part in the Aquilasmus section, letting them know the objectives and the programs of this association. It should also help students who came back from the Erasmus experience to be reintegrated in their social life and being involved in new activities. This activity has the aim to support outgoing students who want to live again the same feeling that they had during their Erasmus mobility programme.

ESN L' Aquila


Health & Well-being

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Online Sunday Brunch



Get your egg-boiling, pancake-frying and coffee-making skills on and join us for a cozy sunday brunch! While being at home and safe, we want to have some food and drinks together online, catch up on our weeks and have a little break from the exam season.

ESN Konstanz