International students get valuable skills from their experience abroad. ESN works to increase the recognition of the skills acquired through student exchange and volunteering among employers.

Education & Youth

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AI & Ethics in the European Digital Industry (conference)


Bruxelles, BE

Europe has joined the race in Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with competitors in the US, Russia and China. Further advancement of AI is of strategic importance and the key for economic development in Europe. Whereas international competitors are interested in AI for the development of military capabilities, the EU promotes human rights and good ethics in AI. But is the EU really intending to create a ethical digital industry in Europe, or is it out for something else?

ESN Saint-Louis Brussels


Health & Well-being

mindfulness practice

Mindfulness sessions with ESN Milano IULM


Microsoft Teams

The goal of the activity was to introduce international students to the practice of mindfulness thanks to IULM's counsellor. More information here can be found here:



Skills & Employability

Webinar "How to Copywrite like a Pro"


29/05/2020 - 24/06/2020


Our goal was to develop skills in some fields of the world of ESN that can be useful in our everyday life and in our job, too. 

ESN Urbino

Health & Well-being


Sewing face-masks

16/03/2020 - 31/05/2020

Prague 4 - Kunratice, CZ

-> Sewing face-masks for people in need, during quarantine -> For internetional students: To meet other people see, that Erasmus is not just about partying, meeting new people, to have fun during quarantine.  

ESN UCT Prague

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Photography Workshop with Fundació Ludàlia


Barcelona, ES

Fundació Ludàlia invited ESN volunteers and international students to their photography workshop and we had tons of fun!   The aim of this activity was to get together both ESN's and Ludàlia's members in a fun evening whilst taking photos and learning how to be in touch with your senses. 

ESN UAB Barcelona and 3 other organisations


Health & Well-being

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Veggie Desserts Workshop


Facebook / Instagram

- Support mental health of international students during quarantine; - Promote international students' feeling of support from ESN during these times; - Promote cultural traditions by teaching portuguese healthy recipies.

ESN Porto


Skills & Employability

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Erasmus Got Talent Contest

04/05/2020 - 28/05/2020

Facebook / Instagram

- Help international students dealing with quarantine and COVID-19; - Show the international students that we are still present and supporting them during this worldwide pandemic; - Promote and recgnize the skills our international students have; - Promote the engagement in portuguese language courses.

ESN Porto


Picture taken during the workshop.

ALC Dance Workshop


Porto, PT

- Teach international students about different and typical cultural dances; - Promote health & well-being through dance.

ESN Porto


Picture taken during the event.

Jam Session


Porto, PT

- Promote intercultural dialogue; - Give international students the opportunity to show their talents to the local community and to be recognized for it.  

ESN Porto