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Objective / Goal of the activity

To inform the students about their opportunities with the Erasmus program and the importance of mobility in our lives.

To explain how important it is for cultural differences to exist and to make the students more open minded towards them.


We presented a power point to the students about the acts of ESN and the importance of mobility and how they can achieve it through the program of Erasmus. After that the Erasmus students that participated to the event presented their favourite songs that were sung in their languages, translated them and explained the meaning of those. In the end the students had freely any questions to the Erasmus students about their country, culture or personal life and thus had to give the Erasmus student a nickname for his answers on the questions.

Result of the activity

The students took seriously the importance of mobility and convinced their teacher to help them make an Erasmus request. Apart from that, they took valuable information about the countries from which the Erasmus students were from.

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