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Before our Christmas International Dinner, we organised a small event the Secret Santa. Inside of a box, we put our names in and everyone choose a paper with a name. They buy a Christmas present for the name they chose.


Ηello Hello people!

As you all know, Christmas is coming and we are gonna make a gift exchange!
It will be a random procedure and the only thing you need to do to participate is to write your name in the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSclD7qlyWIra4DHeGUG-ttw49hX7t5sIhHvwi88j_UTq-5noQ/viewform

Furthermore, these gifts will be given to each other at the Christmas Eurodinner (round of applause).

What the procedure will be :
1) You pick a name from the Secret Santa box in the ESN Office.
2) You keep your pick's identity secret.
3) You buy your gift (should not cost more than 7,00 euros).
4) We gather up at the dorms' kitchen and we put all the presents together. Each one will let their present outside of the kitchen before they enter, with the name of the person it belongs and a small hint about the Secret Santa(himself/herself) but not the name of them.
5) When we're all gathered, we open the gifts and try to guess our Santa. Once people find their Secret Santa, they reveal themselves. So, come and follow the signs to guess your Secret Santa!

Result of the activity

Everyone bought presents for the names they picked by chance and later we had our International Christmas Dinner all together with food from different countries.

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