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Objective / Goal of the activity

To have fun and meet new people from other sections and universities!


ESN LSMU, ESN KTU and ESN KK comes together to meet up and enjoy an evening together. It was a pretty simple agenda. Play some games and visit some different bars around the center of Kaunas. The event would start at the pub Dzem pub. After around 40 min the company would move to another pub, Republic, and finally we would end up at Old Town pub. There were games and prizes to win during the night and new friendships to be made.

Result of the activity

It was a really fun night. Being 3 sections that planned this event together it was understated that there would be a lot of people. And it were. At Dzem pub, which was the first pub, we started the evening with some games and people would sit on different tables playing and having fun.

Unfortunately, when we moved on to the next pub some people decided to stay at Dzem pub and not continue the evening with us. But the people that joined for the next two pubs had a really fun time and we played some games where they would have to socialize a little which was popular to start more conversations between people!

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