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Goal of the activity

Our Green Week has become an essential part of every semester. It is one week full of events to educate people about the environment and sustainability. This semester we moved everything online and had one daily post on our Instagram and Facebook tackling a different environmental topic. 

Learning Objective for the participants

Here's an overview of all the topics that were covered:

► Monday, 8 June:
* What to know about the human's impact on the environment!

► Tuesday, 9 June:
* How to cook an eco-friendly dish!

► Wednesday, 10 June:
* How to easily reduce waste in your daily life!

► Thursday, 11 June:
* Where to shop sustainibly in Vienna!

► Friday, 12 June:
* How to make your own natural cosmetics!

► Saturday, 13 June:
* How to travel sustainably!

► Tuesday, 16 June:
* How fit are you regarding facts about global warming and climate change?

Result of the activity

Our Green Week is always very well received by our students and our team. The online option was an alternative for this semester, but it was less active and interactive than our usual Green Week.

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