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Netflix Party
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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

Bringing incomings and locals together for a movie night, which focuses on Austria-themed content. For this we chose the renowned and quite novel "Freud" Netflix series, which was a coproduction of Netflix and Austrian film studios.

Learning Objective for the participants

Since we decided to watch it in German, international students would be able to hone their German listening skills as well as train their ears for the refined Austrian dialect to which they were exposed. Of course this event also aimed at bringing people together, be it local or international students, and encourage a free discourse on topics ranging from Austrian traditions and history, to our local film industry as well as more delicate topics covered in the first two episodes of this series.

Result of the activity

Unfortunately, it seems that interest was not particularly high after a full week of Austrian-themed events. Also this event was only accessible for people, who were in possession of a Netflix account and they also had to install a freeware browser-addon called Netflix Party in order to be able to watch the movie in synch with others. Only a few people showed up, which might also be related to the easing of quarantine measures this very weekend, which allowed people to go outside for the first time since March. The setup itself worked rather flawlessly, with only minor hiccups on the way (neglectible delays between streams of different people).

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