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Causes covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

- Support mental health of international students during quarantine;

- Promote international students' feeling of security and hope;

- Promote intercultural relationships and sharing cultural experiences;

- Promote mobility programs and opportunities.

Learning Objective for the participants

In order to promote a social gathering with the Erasmus community, we decided to organize the a few Mobility Coffee! Every thursday of this week we had a casual conversation guided by one ESNer and with differnent topics each week, all directed to mobility promotion. All this, side by side, with social connection, fun and good moods.


Result of the activity

During this period (from the 9th to the 30th of april) we had one mobility cafe per week, during which we've discussed different themes. During the first session, we talked about the international students' experience abroad in Porto and the reasons why they decided to continue or to cancel their mobility program.On the second session (16th of april), we talked about the influence of love and family relationships in our mobility experiences and decisions. On the third session (23rd of april), we discussed the mobility experiences of students who have carrers related to arts (e.g. music, fashion models, etc.). During the last session (30th of april), we talked about the expectations of our international students for the moments after covid-19 and their plans for the next few months.

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