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The aim is to raise awareness about mental health , blood donation and learn useful tips about bone marrow and  its importance. Knowing is the ultimate power against the obstacles of the world , it's better to be informed , to control and know the best of yourself.


The beginning of the health and well- being week, one of the most exciting week of the semester, is already here! 

Sports, hikings, parties etc are the most interesting things to do as an Erasmus student. But have you ever wondered about how your mental health affects your everyday lifestyle and your body health?
Do you consider yourself familiar with blood donations??
Are you really informed about how donating some of your bone marrow can save many people's lives including yours in an emergency?
Knowledge is the ultimate power. Even if you think you know everything,guess what ..... you still know nothing!!!

So....... a MENTAL HEALTH WORKSHOP is arranged for all of us. Experts are going to talk us about mental health, blood and bone marrow donations and many more interesting and must to watch facts that will excite you the most !

Please don't skip it. Get informed for yourselves and care for your health and well being. See you on Tuesday afternoon!

Result of the activity

Finally the workshop did very well , all the students are very happy to b a part of it. The Helmsic organisation that hosted the event were very helpful and look forward to arrange more activities together in the future !! 

Totally recommend it to all ESN sections!!!

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