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Objective / Goal of the activity

Our main goals in this activity to understand what is social inclusion?, how is social inclusion taking act in ESN and Erasmus+?, what is ESN doing with these?.

We tried to inform our new ESNers and students about those goals. 


On one of our SI days, we organized a workshop with the participation of our International SI coordinator. The 2-hour event was held at Tepekent Campus. It was an event where we were informed in detail about ESN and SI and then shared new ideas with each other. The language of the event was English.

Result of the activity

As a result, thanks to our International SI coordinator, we had an informative activity with our new and old members. At the same time, thanks to this interactive workshop, we were able to create new ideas and brainstorm. We had a good experience in this event, which was attended by our local and international students. 

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