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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

Our main goal was to raise awareness on this topic and to make people reflect on this important issue.

Learning Objective for the participants

Some informations about international legislation in this field were given to the participants. We also discussed the importance of love in its different ways and that everyone is different but worthy of love. We have to accept everyone without discriminating people who have a different sexual orientation. The main message is that everyone deserves to be loved and to love whoever he/she wants. We also pointed out the crucial role of family, which today isn't only that composed of a mother and a father, the "traditional family"  but is composed, for example,  of single parents, same sex couples or even grandmother and her grandchildren. A family has the role of creating a safe environment in which individuals can grow and can feel free to be themselves without any fear. 

Result of the activity

We wrote an article on our webpage and challenged our Erasmus students to upload on their instagram profiles a photo which represented for them the pure essence of love. 

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