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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

The main goal was to make the ESN network of France do something together for fun. Here we took a TV game which is airing here in France, the show is called Koh-Lanta and is about people going on an island and try to survive in team to different games. Survivors is the name of the show in United-States.

There were mainly mental and knowledge based games. E.g. : Each turn participants have to say a name of a country and then the capital of this country. So it was really relying on the cultural knowledge of the participants.

The starts the activity with two teams of 8 players. Then after all games, the teams which loosed had to fired a members of their own team via votes. So some players only played for 15 minutes, where some stayed playing until 3 hours. It's all depend if you are doing good at talking and playing.

Add the end there was no more team and only 6-8 plays left. Here the goal of the players where to not be the last one at each games because they started to be dangerous for everyone. The votes where still here, only the player who won the games couldn't be eliminated.


E.g. (games) :

- a grid with actors and celebrities head in place. The players had to say the position and the name of the celebrities (e.g: C4 -> Leo DiCaprio);

- a grid with brand enterprise's logo. You had to say the name of the enterprise;

- an image cut in multuple pieces attached to a number, then every part of the image was mixed and you had to say the order (e.g.: answer: AECDB)

Learning Objective for the participants

Having fun was the primary goal of the activity.

Result of the activity

The activity started at 7pm (19h) on Thursday 11, 2020. There was 3-4 differents ESN section from France, ESN Nancy, ESN Paris, ESN Toulouse... the team where created randomly. 

All the games where on Discord and no other app where used. We tried to not change program because of internet connection.

Some players started to be eliminated at 15 minutes in games. The last one who won stayed until 3 hours into the game... The last game, where there ware 3 players left, was to say a word with first letter A; the last player who could still say a word won.

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