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Objective / Goal of the activity

These events are every term organised by ESN UNIZA to share culture and herritage of countries where Erasmus+ students come from. The main goal is present the best of all countries and learn more about these countries. Presenters also can bring some traditional meals to express culture and kitchen of different countries.


Every term / semester students present their countries and show ESNers and local community meals, traditions, dances, culture and interesting places to visit. Many events are organised with 2-3 different countries where student come from and show another students best skills. Event take place usually in some pub where is presentation at first with culture performances somethimes or activities which students prepare for publicum. After presentation students play some song from countries and learn another sing by caraoke. At the end everybody can taste traditional meals from different countries and leaarn more about diffrent culture and customs.

Result of the activity

Affect and support EU slogan ,,united in diversity" and share culture, tradition and customs between Erasmus+ students and local community.

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