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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

Since the impossibility, due to the current emergency situation, to live and experience Milan together with the beauty of Italy, we thought that it would have been nice to let our exchange students discover the mysteries, curiosities and amusement of our country in an alternative way.

Another aim of this activity is to increase the interaction between the participants. The majority of our exchange students are stuck in their apartments without the possibility to make friendship and talk with someone, in fact during the tour or at the end of it, we remain there to drink something together, discuss about what we just saw, what they would like to discover next time, or to just simply chat.

Learning Objective for the participants

through the use of Google Earth, it is possible to create a sort of virtual tour deciding the path you want to follow and "walk" in the street of the city we are visiting. Moreover it is also possible to insert some pictures or videos during the tour, to better understand and show what we are talking about.  Of course it is not like actually visiting a place, but for sure it enlights the curiosity of the students that since they arrived in Italy were not able to travel and see the country.


Result of the activity

The participants were enthusiasts to have heard about places that they would not have discovered except through us. The main cities are mostly known by them, so what makes these tours interesting is the opportunity to discover less famous places and, as in this case, places to walk or take a swim, not far from Milan.

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