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Objective / Goal of the activity

The goal of this activity was gather together the inhabitants of Nancy, international students and open discussion about some taboos or debate in our country


This activity took place in a bar. We had some people who accepted to testify on subjets such as: the situation of palestinains refugees, a person who grew up in a house with domestic violence, a mexican living in France, the relation between Algery and Marroco, the situation of the job of animator and the way of St Jacques de Compostelle.

So we had one person or more by subject. The activity was oppen to everyones. So the coming people arrived and choose to seat at a table a discuss a subject. As in a library we made a list of reference, title and description to help them decide where to go. 

Result of the activity

The activity went really well but we didn't get as much puclic as we hoped. The discussion last for really long and we stayed even after the activity. If was the first ESN event for some international students and they really enjoyed it, they met in small groups and easily get along because we tried to make sure to buid a safe space during this activity.

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