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Goal of the activity

The goal of the activity was to show the participants how to make the spa masks for the hair, face, and body. It is supposed to be natural, sustainable, healthy, simple, and low budget ingredients accessible to everyone. So like that, it was shown to the students that they can still be creative, have fun, learn something new and at the same time take care of themselves in a very practical and eco-friendly way. 

Learning Objective for the participants

Learning objectives of the workshop, via Instagram live, were to show students all the ingredients that they will need. After there were prepared the four masks, step by step with the instructions on how to prepare the masks, and facts about the positive side effects of using them. 

Result of the activity

Participants were thought and learned how to make the mask in a very simple and sustainable way with the basic ingredients that they are having at home. It helped them to remind that they can take care of themselves to feel better although they are spending theirs at home.

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