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Causes covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

ESN Italia has launched Cooking Around, the initiative that invites the Sections to ask international students and ESNers to cook a typical dish of their country, in order to enhance the different cultural aspects and learn about the nutritional values for our health.

Learning Objective for the participants

We asked Erasmus students to send us two photos of the dish, one in which you see the food and the other in which you see the student with the dish. In addition, we asked them to send us some news on the origins of the chosen dish. After arranging the material graphically, the coordinators added news regarding the nutritional values of some ingredients.

Result of the activity

Erasmus students have shown interest in the activity. In fact, in addition to the required material, they also sent us the original recipes with the process to make the dish that we have gladly published on our channels. It is interesting to see how much cultural differences influence the way we eat.

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