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Cause covered by this activity
Objective / Goal of the activity

let the local students of the high schools know more about the erasmus program and the differences with the other countries


We went to Liceo Carducci with the international students. First of all we did a presentation about ESN and erasmus in general. Then we divided the erasmus in the different classes (depending on which languages they studied).They met the local students and they told them in their mother tongue about their Country, the differences with Ferrara, their customs and traditions. They also told them about the erasmus program, how is live alone far away from home etc. On the other side the local students told about life in Ferrara or in Italy in general and how school and education work. The students had the opportunities to ask a lot to the erasmus.

Result of the activity

All the partecipants were happy to do this experience and to learn more about some countries and languages they were studying. The erasmus were 

enthusiastic to meet local students and know more about Ferrara and Italy.

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