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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

Provide, through tips and tricks, the basic concepts on the use of social networks in the workplace and the essential principles of visual communication.

Learning Objective for the participants

Aid the partecipants in the approach with social media platforms and Adobe softwares for the first time, both to explore their creativity and to learn useful skills for the job market.

  • Social network; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter: a few tips on the most used social networks in a professional context.
  • Graphic Design; The role of graphics in communication. The basic concepts for an effective graphic communication. Examples, tips and mistakes to avoid.
  • Adobe InDesign; Introduction to Adobe InDesign: basics for creating graphics. From the concept of the project to the export of the document.
  • Adobe Photoshop; The interface and basic functions of Photoshop to edit photos
  • Adobe AfterEffects; The interface and basic functions of After Effects for creating animations
  • Adobe Premiere; The interface and basic functions of Premiere for video editing
Result of the activity

Partecipants proved themselves interested and engaged in the topics discussed and share their own opinion and experience adding value and quality feedback to the activities

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