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Objective / Goal of the activity

There are many beautiful parks in Poznan; unfortunately, not all people care about them in equal measure. Therefore, in an effort to encourage international students to engage in eco-friendly activities and raise their awareness about the local environment, we are organizing a series of Clean Walks, whose aim is to clean up local parks and, by doing so, show the students how easy it is to do something for our environment.

The first park we decided to visit is the largest one in Poznan: Cytadela. It is well-known, with many people coming there on a daily basis, so cleaning it up would be beneficial for the local community. Additionally, the students who hasn't been there yet will have a chance to get to know that beautiful place.


Together with the international students, we spent an hour and a half scouring through the park and picking up all the trash we could find.

Result of the activity

The students were very enthusiastic about the event, and managed to clean up a good portion of the park. The idea of going for a walk and cleaning up at the same time seemed to motivate the students to continue such activities on their own and maybe even introduce them to their own local community.

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