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Causes covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

The activity consisted in a Movie Night focused on the topic of Autism: in fact, we celebrated the International Day of Autism by launching a shared movie night with Netflix Party following an awareness campaign that we published on our social media (Instagram stories, as you can see in the pictures shared with Drive). We showed "The lighthouse of orcas", and after that we used Meet to cover the topic in detail and answer our Erasmus' questions.

Learning Objective for the participants

The target of the activity was to raise the sensitivity towards people affected by autism, by submitting a movie related with the campaign and creating a discussion round on this disability at the conclusion of the display.

Result of the activity

The result was an interesting exchange of opinions on autism, and we could observe how the point of view changed before and after the display of "The lighthouse of orcas". Our Erasmus guys showed interest and appreciation for the movie itself and the campaign we promoted.

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