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Friday, 30 November, 2018 - 12:30 to 14:00
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Recent success stories like Uber and AirBnB brought the concept of „sharing" straight into mainstream consciousness. And it is just starting, as the sharing economy's worth is expected to grow steadily. Apart from its bright economic potential, the question remains: Does it actually bring real, social value to its main actors – the people?
Together, we will explore the sharing economy’s current as well as future opportunities and challenges for a societal impact.
ESNers around the world believe in education as a driving force for social change. This is why we wish to give you the opportunity to be an active participant in the discussions! Help us spread knowledge, awareness and understanding of current economic and social problems.

The workshop will be facilitated by Master students in the programme of Leadership for Sustainability at Malmö University.
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International Students
Local Community
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