Social Inclusion Days by ESN Košice
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ESN Košice
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Monday, 27 November, 2017 - 17:00
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TUKE students, this is your chance for bonding time with your buddies! You will all meet up together for a coffee/tea - and while enjoying your drink, you will also learn something! Have you heard about ExchangeAbility yet? No? Then it's time to change it!
Have you ever thought that a handrail at the stairs or a microphone in the auditorium can change something? No? We have news for you - it can! Come drink your coffee and then join us for TUKE Mapping. We will walk around and explore your university; and most importantly, we will LOOK around and write down what we see. Things that you never thought of before can make a huge impact on a person with a disability and might mean the difference between traveling to a mobility or NOT. Help us #makeTUKEaccessible!
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International Students
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