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ESN Porto
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Saturday, 16 March, 2019 - 09:45 to 14:45
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Hey nature guys!

Want to go deeper in exploring the natural part of Porto's district? Want to go outside but the rain won't let you? Don't worry, we have the perfect plan for you!!!
Right now you should already know that Portugal and nature are always holding hands! As we are celebrating the ESN Green Week we planned the perfect activity that combines sports, chilling and enjoying the nature. We will take you to the riverside and walk around 10 km in the nature, in Valongo. In between, we will make a picnic in the woods and chill before we hit the track again, so please bring some delicious and energetic meal! With this activity we want to increase the awareness about nature preservation, we expect that after the trail you will be even more concerned about this issue!
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International Students
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Environmental Sustainability
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