Date of the event: 
Saturday, 23 February, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:00
What is the main cause of the activity?: 
Type of the Event: 
Going to the theatre of dead actors
Description of the event: 
We gathered together with international students, ESNers and locals to go to the theatre, see how deaf people perform, how comfortable they are, and we truly enjoyed the inclusiveness of the atmosphere.
Type of participants: 
International Students
Local Community
Total Number of ESNers participating in the activity: 
Total Number of International Students participating in the activity: 
Total Number of local participants participating in the activity: 
Have people with disabilities attended the event?: 
Did you cooperate with other organisations for this event?: 
Name of the organisation: 
The theatre of deaf actors 'Nedoslov'
Website of the organisation:
How did they contribute to the event: 
They gave us a promocode ESN with 30 % discount!
Additional Comments / Outcome of the activity: 

Really loved the theatre. It's our 3rd event, and each time we are extremely excited. The promocode is very helpful, and we are in the nicest relationship with the director of the theatre.
Enjoy the concept: understanding the deaf theatre no matter where you are from.