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Tuesday, 5 February, 2019 - 09:30
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Last Februay, 5th we were back at Sagrada Familia School in Silla for an EiS activity --, this time with children from high school and our Erasmus student @OlivierMees. We talked about Belgium ---- and its amazing culture, played some games and also a little quiz and we tasted some typical chocolate!

We make 4 turns with different classes:
1st turn: 43 third and fourth year students of ESO
2nd turn: 28 first year students of ESO
4th turn: 28 first year students of ESO
In every turn of students we do the following:
Olivier, a belgian erasmus, did a power point presentation about belgium, speaking about monuments, sports and the typical food from belgium. The power point included a quiz of true or false (20 min aprox).
Then we organized a game where the children, already divided in teams, had to connect using definitions a german and french words with each meaning in english (30 min aprox)
Finally a question round (10 min aprox)
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International Students
Local Community
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