Date of the event: 
Sunday, 25 November, 2018 - 17:00 to 19:00
What is the main cause of the activity?: 
Description of the event: 
Alongside two international students (unfortunately due to distance and the bad timing due to exams only 2 could come) from Mexico and Germany we spent the evening playing bowling with 10 people with intellectual disability. We spent 2 hours playing with them, while the international students also got to know them and even practised their spanish/english skills.
Type of participants: 
International Students
Local Community
Total Number of ESNers participating in the activity: 
Total Number of International Students participating in the activity: 
Total Number of local participants participating in the activity: 
Have people with disabilities attended the event?: 
Was your event accessible for those?: 
Did you cooperate with other organisations for this event?: 
Name of the organisation: 
AsociaciĆ³n ADA
Website of the organisation:
How did they contribute to the event: 
We got into contact with them and were able to organise ourselves with them to meet at the bowling alley. They were the ones responsible of bringing the local students.
Additional Comments / Outcome of the activity: 

We haven't been able to upload any photos yet as we have to edit them and upload them to the FB Page of ESN Madrid (where the 6 sections are represented) since it's something new we're working on, it takes some time.