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ESN UAB Barcelona
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Friday, 3 May, 2019 - 18:30 to 22:00
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Eating healthy and nutritious is a challenge when on an exchange programme, which is why we wanted to organise this cooking workshop in order to tackle this issue and teach our fellow international students on how to eat healthier in a cheap, easy and fun way!

Firstly we introduced ourselves and said why we chose to spend a Friday evening in an event like this. Most students agreed on the fact that they weren't that good at cooking and would like to get some insight and tips. Then we started cooking and made banana&oat pancakes first and then lentil curry with coconut milk and vegetables. We combined the first with a healthy nutella we brought from home and also a brownie made with dates and red beans :D Everyone loved everything!!

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International Students
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In the end we asked each participant to write a post-it with something they had learnt and stick it in a . Most people said they learnt about the use of coconut oil (and its existence) and that cooking healthy isn't dull. I think everyone left this event with something new learnt -- even myself. Will definitely repeat this event as it got sold out and many people interested couldn't come :)

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