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ESN VUB EhB Brussels
Date of the event: 
Monday, 29 April, 2019 - 20:00 to 23:00
What is the main cause of the activity?: 
Subject of the Activity: 
Raising awareness about disabilities
Type of the Event: 
Description of the event: 
RITCS café and ESN VUB EhB Brussels are working together again to give you an amazing game night!

Both locals and internationals are welcome. Come and meet with friends, or even better, make new friends. What's a better moment to meet new friends, than at a game night?

An entire evening of cozy, funny games guaranteed!

This time it's Social Inclusion edition. Come and join us in our challenges. Are you ready?
Type of participants: 
International Students
Local Community
Total Number of ESNers participating in the activity: 
Total Number of International Students participating in the activity: 
Total Number of local participants participating in the activity: 
Have people with disabilities attended the event?: 
Did you cooperate with other organisations for this event?: 
Name of the organisation: 
RITCS café EhB
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How did they contribute to the event: 
Space for the activity to take place.
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