Picture from the dinner, participants eating blindfolded at the table
Date of the event: 
Thursday, 22 November, 2018 - 18:00 to 21:00
What is the main cause of the activity?: 
Type of the Event: 
Description of the event: 
The participants got to try out a 3-course-dinner, while being blindfolded the whole evening directly from the moment when they entered the location. The menu was all vegetarian and to a large extent made of organic food (cooked by ESN:ers), in order to raise awareness about sustainable and healthy eating. In the end of the event we also had a discussion with the participant about their experience and thoughts.
Type of participants: 
International Students
Total Number of ESNers participating in the activity: 
Total Number of International Students participating in the activity: 
Total Number of local participants participating in the activity: 
Have people with disabilities attended the event?: 
Did you cooperate with other organisations for this event?: 
Name of the organisation: 
Student Association at Svenska Handelshögskolan i Vasa r.f.
Website of the organisation: 
How did they contribute to the event: 
They provided the venue and one helper for the event
Additional Comments / Outcome of the activity: 

The event was nice and successful, and the participants seemed happy about it. Several persons said that it gave them new insights, and one even said that it was the best and most meaningful event since he arrived in Vaasa! :) The helpers also learned new things about how to assist and support people with visual impairments