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ESN Presov
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Thursday, 13 December, 2018 - 18:00
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ESN Prešov organised Christmas Goodbye dinner for Erasmus students and ESN-ers. Traditional Christmas Slovak meals were served and Christmas songs were played. In order to make it more interesting and also to raise awareness about people with disabilities, we decided to make it in "Dinner in the dark" way. All the Erasmusers and some ESN-ers were eating with their eyes covered, unable to see anything. One of ESN members was exchaging forks for spoons, which was pretty funny for everyone. Some participants were impatient and couldn´t wait for the moment we let them take the scarves and caps off. However we realised how difficult it is to be blind or to live with an eye disability.
After eating the dinner every nation said something about Christmas and New Year´s Eve traditions in their country, some of them even sang a song. We were surprised after learning about traditions in some countries... It was a very nice way to meet altogether for the last time.
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International Students
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