Date of the event: 
Monday, 19 November, 2018 - 09:00 to Tuesday, 20 November, 2018 - 12:00
What is the main cause of the activity?: 
Description of the event: 
During Nov 19 and 20 international and local students came to HSE early in the morning not for studies, but to donate blood. After the process, they got some certificates and treats.
Type of participants: 
International Students
Local Community
Total Number of ESNers participating in the activity: 
Total Number of International Students participating in the activity: 
Total Number of local participants participating in the activity: 
Have people with disabilities attended the event?: 
Did you cooperate with other organisations for this event?: 
Name of the organisation: 
HSE student organization "Открой глаза" ("Open your eyes")
Website of the organisation:
How did they contribute to the event: 
They became the main organizers for serving logistics, inviting the medical stuff, preparing the treats and certificates (they have HUGE experience in organizing in-uni blood donations). We bacame info-partners, and our volunteers helped them during the event with translating if needed.
Additional Comments / Outcome of the activity: 

We loved the collaboration (as it didn't take too much of organizational stuff from us). However, next time we are planning to participate more, and to invite even more int students in the process. The main difficulty is that in other med-institutions non-Russia residents simply CANNOT donate their blood. Very fortunately, here in HSE, they were able to join!