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Wednesday, 26 September, 2018 - 17:00
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Erasmus students together with ESN VGTU have visited one of the local animal shelter and hung out with some animals that really needed their attention and took some cute dogs out for a walk.

26th September, 2018 may be remembered as a cold, wet and a rainy day in Vilnius but this was also the day that brought sunshine, laughter and fun in the lives of the Erasmus exchange students of VGTU and inhabitants of the animal shelter. ESN VGTU organized a journey laden with curiosity to the Vilnius animal shelter “Tautmilės prieglauda”. When students reached the destination, they were introduced to the rescued animals by the shelter caretaker. One can only imagine finding long lost friends, who give such unconditional love without the need for anything in return. Sofia, a full-time student of VGTU from Philippines was nostalgic but extremely happy with the visit because it rekindled her memories about her own dog who had passed away a few weeks earlier. It was as if she had got her friend back and thanked ESN VGTU with all her heart. The students spent two hours bonding with the animals. It was evident during the entire time that this short but beautiful interaction was a great stress buster and had a soothing effect on all the lives, human and otherwise. Anna, an Erasmus Exchange student from Spain could not withhold her delight at the innocence and cuteness of the animal shelter inhabitants. She confessed that the visit was like a ray of warm sunshine in the otherwise cold and wet day. The students returned with happy memories, refreshed minds and had a definite spring in their steps. This visit organized by ESN VGTU has thus proved that one can find lifelong friends in the unlikeliest of places. The only way to experience the joy of selfless bonding and love is by visiting the nearest animal shelter today, as rightly said by Anatole France, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains awakened”.
-Param Suneej Agarwal
(ESN VGTU PR committee member)
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International Students
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Tautmiles prieglauda
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Education & Youth
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