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ESN Porto
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Tuesday, 12 February, 2019 - 14:30 to 17:30
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Hey, animal lovers!!

This one is for all our dog and cat people! We are that sure you miss your best friend, who is back home, waiting for you!
Well... why don’t you join us in this heartwarming project, and come with us to the Animal Shelter, in Porto and help some animal friends?

All you need to participate in this project is to fill up this information and bring a donation to the association, like food or toys! Very easy, huh? Many 4 legged babies are waiting for us to pet them, kiss them, hug them and maybe walk them!

Warning: your heart might explode of cuteness. Are you ready to love our furry friends? Because we are!!
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International Students
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Senhores Bichinhos
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The association has the animals that we pet for the day.
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