ESN strives for inclusive mobility based on equity and on the needs of each individual. To achieve this goal, ESN has developed its own programmes and projects on the topic, raising awareness among international students and transforming them into more active citizens.

Social Inclusion

A group of International Students eating blindfolded

Blind Dinner and Trivia


Modena, IT

Raise awareness of difficulties faced by blind and deaf people when doing activities considered basic and easy by the majority

ESN Modena

Education & Youth

Cover image of Erasmus Festival.

Erasmus Festival

16/05/2022 - 18/05/2022

Zagrebs, HR

The goal of the activity is to promote the Erasmus+ programme and other mobility programmes, including education and internships for local students. Another goal is also to promote intercultural dialogue between local and international students, quality education, active participation in society, and also what ESN can offer.

ESN Zagreb


Education & Youth

Screenshot of the meeting participants

ESN Modena meets local high school



The goal of the activity was to promote student mobility in a local high school, by sharing our experience as ESN volunteers and previous Erasmus students. In addition, we invited a couple of Erasmus students in Modena who contributed to the webinar by sharing thoughts on their current exchange.

ESN Modena


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Local Platform III


Utrecht, NL

To foster community feeling among our volunteers and update them about matters in our section as well as national and international level. 

ESN Utrecht