International students get valuable skills from their experience abroad. ESN works to increase the recognition of the skills acquired through student exchange and volunteering among employers.


Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Language Café


Hamburg, DE

The goal of our monthly Language Café during Winter Term 2019/20 was for the international students to meet up with the aim to speak different languages with native or non-native speakers. Through talking to each other in a causal environment the students have the opportunity to improve their language skills and getting to know each other without the serious atmosphere of a language class. The aim is a higher learning effect through real-life conversations in foreign languages.

ESN Hamburg

Education & Youth

English Workshop



Edirne, TR

To practice and improve English Language skills of our ESN'ers as well as socializing


Social Inclusion

Chess players setting the huge chessboard made by tape on the floor

CzechMate in the dark


Brno, CZ

make a fun, unique and visible event raise awereness of ESN MENDELU, z.s., have an HR stand to recruit new members collect money for a non-profit Světluška which helps blind people in the Czech republic commence cooperation with a recently founded body of MENDELU university CSR centre (corporate social responsiblity center) and ESN MENDELU, z.s. have 3 matches of human chess in the atrium (outdoor space inside the building of PEF faculty). The matches were supposed to be "mock" matches without participants knowing. Make all the participants (except chess players) wear blind folds. cooperate with a chess club and involve chess players from highschools stream the matches online and have a record of it on YouTube via university provider AVC reward the highschool participants with a free lunch and a certificate


Skills & Employability

Students raising hands during a workshop

ESN Tallinn Open Mic Night


Tallinn, EE

Get a chance to spend a chill evening with your friends where students get an opportunity to show their musical talents 🎶.

ESN Tallinn

Education & Youth

welcome day by IRO and ESN UTH



Volos, GR

To welcome Erasmus students in Volos and give them more information about the education part of the university and the city's life.



Poster for meet and speak highlighting it is at Monday 9pm

Meet and Speak- Monday

30/09/2019 - 04/05/2020

Leeds, GB

To allow international and erasmus students as well as local university students to meet each other and learn about different cultures as well as improving their language abilities. For students from different countries to practice each others language in a friendly, sociable setting. Give out ESN cards.

ESN Leeds


Students waiving multiple flags during an event



Siegen, DE

Having a lot of fun while also getting to know music from other countries. 

ESN Siegen

Skills & Employability

Students raising hands during a workshop

Dutch Language Course

25/09/2019 - 11/12/2019

Utrecht, NL

Let people learn the Dutch language in an accessible and practice orientated way, while learning about Dutch culture throughout the topics.  Aim is to integrate the participants better within the society and get them involved with the language. 

ESN Utrecht