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Objective / Goal of the activity

 It's a good opportunity to recruit new members, to speak in public and to develop soft skills in order to convince new members to join the association. Moreover, trough the workshop both newbies and ESN members can develop soft skills in event organization and group work. 


It is a conference held in our university in order to present ESN to the other students of our university and try to get new members. The recruitment usually starts with the question "what do you think ESN is?" and we read some tickets to make those present partecipate. Next we show a collage of photos of the active members of the section and those present choose through the photos who to talk to, asking questions. In this way, the chosen member introduces himself/herself and briefly tells about her/his experience in ESN. During the recruitment,we briefly and generally explain what ESN is, through a presentation with colorful anc captivating graphics and explanatory videos with testimonials. Finally we organize a workshop to make the event interactive (for wxample, try to organize an Erasmus activity).  

Result of the activity

We recruited new members and we developed soft skills such as speaking in public and group work. 

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